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July 20, 2003

Now that’s just “Prime”?

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 9:50 pm

Transformers has now come full circle with the reissuing of the G1’s, we first enjoyed them when they first appeared in the early 80’s. We even endured when other gimmicks came out. G2 and Machine Wars was almost a decent attempt to produce the classic and bring in new ideas, Beast Wars and Beast Machines for the animal lovers in all of us, Car Robots/R.I.D. made us homesick for vehicle based Transformers of the bygone days of yester years and, Armada gave us the nostalgia of G1 but more of the “blocks”. Yet all never trully looked as good or has came close to the original as possible in the cartoons till now.

These are the “new” old school Transformers with more detail and style… so far there is Smokescreen and Optimus Prime. But just looking at the images gets me all tingly with excitement… and broke even more, when I buy these… so can someone lend me some cash?

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