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June 16, 2003

Tour de μForce

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 10:36 pm

“Time has flown by since the birth of Microman in 1978

Now in 2003 he has returned to us in a new form

We entrust him to the care of those who have a child’s heart in order to

explore the unforeseeable future.” -from the Microforce Capsule

The Microforce has finally arrived. They’re the Fire breathing, 0 to 60 in nothing flat, carbon-fiber, radar absorbant, everything and a bag of chips 2003 year model of Takara’s microman line. Their proportions are athletic. Their posability is not quite Stikfa/Yoga level. They’re Shiny, over accessorized and I haven’t been able to leave them alone.

I heard Takara was doing a new line of micromen. Oh, ok, neat. I pre-ordered some to support my favorite foreign toy company. No further thoughts on the topic until they arrived at my house a couple weeks ago. Their individually packed Space Capsules were nearly impregnable. They must have braved quite a trip, because I couldn’t get them out without breaking out the heavy duty X-Acto knife. Of course, I could have just set off the explosive bolts and destroyed the craft to get the poor lil guys out, but I decided they might want their little ships in case they wanna take another trip sometime.

There is a Commander. He is Red and Smoke-translucent base plastic. He’s equipped with chromed armor, Machine gun, Combat knife and Large caliber pistol (for a tiny guy, that is.)

There is a Ninja. He’s Purple and Smoke. He also has a funky little “Dairy-Queen” hat. I’m not a ninja connoisseur, but he’s gotta be a serious badass to get away with wearing that hat. He comes with a ‘bleedin `uge’ curvy sword, A straight, double edge sword, armor and two Teenie, tiny shuriken.

There is a Gunner. He’s Teal and Smoke. He’s got ‘Ghostbusters’ or Jin-Roh Style Goggles, and some micro-dreadlocks. He’s equipped with a Minigun. Yeah. And a huge harness to support the minigun. and, just in case… four concussion grenades on his frame. Drake/Vasquez custom anyone?

And lastly, there is the Spy. He’s the White and smoke oddball in my opinion. He’s equipped with a dual manipulator backpack, a grappelling launcher, and the Claw that my ninja totally beat him up and stole for this photo set. I think of him as the unknown element in the group. The Macguyver, or Mad-Dog Murdoc… He can do anything and everything, but only if you trust him to.

That’s about it. I hear reports that this line has already sold out it’s initial run, and there may be vehicles, enemies, etc if this line is a good seller. If ya’ll want, I’ll do the Tatsunoko heros later.

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