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May 22, 2003


Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 11:19 am

(That’s “Hello” to those of you who aren’t little green robot mascots.)

This is Bandai’s full-scale Haro Multi Box. It cost almost as much to ship it to the US as the retail price, but to me it was worth every yen.

It’s made up of two separate halves, with black stickers for the eyes. Push the button on the top, and the flaps pop up for easy access. My only complaints about it are that it doesn’t light up, or make sounds like “Haro, Genki!”, or bounce, or follow you around the house, or relay messages to your friends, or blow bubbles, or project holograms, or double as a notebook computer. Otherwise, it’s pretty cool.

So what can you use it for? You can store fresh produce in it, or your toys, or maybe dump the contents of your pockets in it at the end of the day. Mine sits on top of my TV filled with gashapon capsules, an hollow sphere filled with hollow spheres, a monument to emptiness.

Like my life.

Someone please kill me.

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