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May 1, 2003

Small Wonder: Studio Half Eye Getter Dragon

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 9:14 am

Getter Dragon has always been my favorite Japanese Robot since I was introduced to the character back in the late ‘70s. My Mattel Dragun Jumbo started my love affair with all things Japanese.

I was ecstatic to hear that Studio Half Eye would be releasing a Simple Change Getter Dragon, and I eagerly preordered one from HLJ as soon as they started taking preorders.

I already own the original Simple Change Shin Getter 1, so I knew what to expect as far as far as the resin is concerned. The Simple Change Getter Dragon is crafted with the same quality as my Shin Getter 1. The resin has a nice, flat finish to it, with a tough, “plasticky” feel to it. Handled with care, it seems like a durable material. The size of the Getter Dragon, though, does not measure up to the Shin Getter 1. However, I had read previous Rumbles on the Simple Change Getter 1, so I was prepared for the small size.

The Simple Change Getter Dragon comes in a clear plastic box in its three separate ship modes: Gett Machine Dragon, Gett Machine Lyger and Gett Machine Poseidon. Included in the package is an attachable Getter Wing, two Double Tomahawks, two Fists and two feet.

The gattai process is actually simple and straightforward. A few flips, twists and turns, and your Gett Machines are ready to be combined into Getter Dragon. The fists simply push into the forearm assembly, the Getter Wing clips onto the back of the Gett Machine Dragon, and the feet’s pegs go into the leg assemblies.

The Double Tomahawks fit snugly into the fists, and the feet are angled so that the robot has a wide-stance pose. The robot’s head can move side to side, the shoulders and elbows are jointed, and the fists can rotate around to change pose. The legs are jointed at the hip and knees, allowing a limited set of action poses.

I am pleased with my purchase, and once again, my only complaint is the size of the figure. At 11cm in robot mode, it is roughly the same size as a MSIA Gundam. However, with Getter 1 and Shin Getter 1 usually getting all the attention from toy makers, it is refreshing to see a combining rendition of Getter Dragon. Now, if only Bandai would “Gett” with the program and give us a Getter Robo G SOC…. Until then, my SHE Getter Dragon will have to do.

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