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February 14, 2003

Studio Half Eye Simple Change Getter One

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 5:52 pm

Uhm… Studio Half Eye’s latest creation… What can I say… It’s expensive…. very expensive and small… very small…

For 7800 Yen, as soon as I opened the parcel I thought came to my mind: “I want my money back!”, after opening the package… another thought: “That’s even worse than expected!”, but let’s move on.

First things first, this is a “junior” version of the impossible and unaffordable perfect change Getter Robo, you get the 3 ships that combine into the Getter One only…

Material (D) :The actual toy is made of resin (I believe…), which makes the toy feel extremely “dry” and “brittle”, some of the details are painted, but the large areas seem like they have been dyed with pigments before the resin was poured into the molds, which only adds to the “dry and brittle feel” expecially in the red coloured areas. All the articulation have the above mentioned dry and brittle feeling and every time you play with the transformation it feels like you are defusing a nuclear bomb… blindfolded and with both hands tied behind your back… hanging upside down from a flying plane… I could go on forever… it’s just scary.Overall it just feels “cheap”. It would have “felt” much better in more sturdy injection plastic or… die-cast… it could have been a perfect pocket jewel! Anyone who wants to recast this guy in metal has my blessing!

Engineering (C+) : The only explanation I could find to justify the price of this “thing” was the supposedly super advanced over the top engineering, The 3 ship transform all right, but the engineering is not “that” amazing being the 3 ships “pratically hollow”, and talking about engineering a complete turn off were the separate fists and feet, that personally kills completely the “transformation feel”… I was positively surprised by the range of articulation I only discovered when I was posing the little sucker for the pictures for this rumble… I was also surprised that it could stand on his feet “most of the time” even with the custom cape (this one you get only with the first 300 mail order for Japan only), but some metal at least in the feet whold have made it much more stable.

Overall (C-) : When I look at this guy I keep thinking that it could have been so much more… a REAL TOY and not a pre-assembled garage kit (because that’s what it is), this is clearly a miss for Studio Half Eye, I have found myself begging for “plastic” not even metal… The Simple Change Getter One it’s not really worth it’s price… I would be fun to play if you could actually play with it, but it feels just too fragile… If you already own all the toys you ever wanted(!) and you still have some shelf space go for it. If not, for the price you can buy a good SOC or a couple of Fewture Mazinger 1901.

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