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January 30, 2003

Daimos Makeover

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 11:09 am

I recently had the opportunity to have my Jumbo Machinder Daimos refurbished
by Dan Webber of Webber toys. Dan makes reproduction jumbo parts and
stickers, and for a fee he will take your Jumbo, clean it and restore

I decided on my Daimos for the makeover. He was dirty, he was missing
accessories, and his stickers were peeling and bubbling. Off to Dan he

Dan takes the Jumbo and disassembles it. He removes all the stickers
and adhesives. After a thorough cleaning, he re-applies his custom stickers.
The stickers are vinyl with a clear coat. He also touches up the paint
on painted areas, such as the head.

His reproduction parts are fantastic. The launching
is molded out
of white resin in 2 pieces. It is assembled and then painted to match
the original color. The match is almost exact. And yes, the fist does
shoot. The weight is just slightly heavier than the original. He also
has made reproduction parts such as Raydeen’s bowfist, Grendizer’s
, and your standard firing missile.

About a week later I received the completely restored Jumbo. The difference
is astounding. Daimos looks like brand new.

I do have a few small criticisms. Some of the stickers are a little
bit pixilated. I was informed that they are going to be re-done with
a vector-based program to produce clean lines. Also, he left the original
factory over spray on the head. I guess that is a matter of preference.
I think I would have rather he cleaned it off.

This is a good solution if you want to breathe new life in to your old
Shogun Warrior Jumbos. Check out Dan’s site at

Joshua Bernard
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