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September 25, 2009

Sega’s Virtual-On Real Models Pt. 2: Viper II (P1 & P2)

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As announced in my first Virtual-On Real Model review, next up on my list of Real Models is Viper II. Viper II is the most agile Virtuaroid in the original Virtual-On game, and despite its sucky armour it also happens to be my favourite one (because, uh, see end of Brog).

The first player color Viper II was number 06 in Sega’s Real Model line-up, and it was later released again in its second player version as #26 – again, like all P2 versions a limited release. It comes in the same handy sleeved packaging as the other Real Models. Included are a disc, its V-Converter Booster with attached wings, and its right-arm-mounted weapon (and some paperwork, not pictured):


Viper II in all its glory:



Viper II has some nice details (I especially like the inside of the wings), and its joints are quite tight. However, the Real Model Viper II is a bit of a disappointment in some aspects. First up is its V-Converter Booster:


Even though it opens up to allow the disc to be inserted, inserting the disc is very hard because the cover doesn’t lift up far enough. I had to use a modelling knife to push the disc into position because my fingers were too big to reach its emplacement in the V-Converter Booster (and I have small fingers). Furthermore, although Viper II’s wings are mounted on ball joints, they cannot be extended like in the game because the ball joints are too restricted. So no flying poses. This is how far they can be extended:


Second is its arm-mounted weapon. Although this appears to be correctly detailed, in the game Viper II has a HUGE energy sword which can do massive damage in close-combat mode. The arm-mounted weapon on the Real Model does not include a sword blade, so no close-combat poses (unless you imagine the beam sword blade):

What?!? No close-combat mode? Oh shi....

What?!? No close-combat mode? Oh shi....

Look out heavy damage!

Look out heavy damage!


The last unfortunate problem is that the knee joints are very restricted, further limiting poses:


The elbows are also pretty restricted, and Viper II also lacks a waist joint. The neck, hips, and wingss are ball-jointed and hold poses well. There are swivel joints at the shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, and knees, and the ankles have double swivel joints with a large mobility. Several fragile and sharp bits are made from flexible plastic, yet enough sharp and hard edges remain to hurt oneself.


Again, the P2 version has better finishing than the first release, with more painted details and less glossy plastic. Furthermore, like all Real Model P2 Virtuaroids, the P2 version of Viper II also has improved packaging. And this is how you can win in the game (please imagine sword beam slicing up and totally destroying Temjin in half a second between 2nd and 3rd pictures):




Yeah, sadly that’s how close it can get to a victory pose…a bit of a bummer. Still, a nice figure, if you forget the issues with the articulation.

Next up: Fei-Yen, and possibly Apharmd. Might take a few months before I have both of these, so be patient…

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