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January 28, 2003

Shelves nothing! Toy Room!

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 4:06 pm

Like most young men, I have fantasized about having an entire room devoted solely to robot toys for some time. “Boy, as soon as I get a place of my own I will have a spiffy toy room” I would say. I imagine many of you had/have the same thoughts. Well, don’t give up! You CAN turn an unused bedroom into the toy haven of your dreams! The following four pictures depict the end result of my desires:

Here’s How I did it: First I bought a house, then I put all my toys into a room. “Be more specific!” you say? “I want more details!” you demand? OK, I can oblige. In order to create the room I always wanted, I first built a 1/10th scale model of the spare bedroom and all the furniture I planned to use to display the toys. On a side note, the 2 “real” pieces in the room were hand-me-downs from my Mom. The only pieces I acquired myself were the cheap-o black bookcases. After the model was done, I played with layouts and designed a guide for the paint. Next came the actual painting. Step one was to clear the room and tape it off. Next I applied the orange layer. After that the dark gray went on, and finally, (and this is what took the most time) I brought the gray down over the orange to create the flame effect. There are added touches as well. The display stand seen in the pictures of the room was acquired when I worked at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. They were getting rid of it, and forward thinking as I am, I grabbed it. Painted to match, I think it makes a nice addition. Also, the “Table of Maximus” is my own design. It both makes use of AND showcases the phenomenal power of these impressive robots. You can’t really see them in the lousy pictures, but the shelves were designed by me as well. They feature steel cable on the ends for a suspension bridge feel. So there you have it. $35 worth of lumber, various snippets of hardware, 4 gallons of paint, 640 gallons of toys, and 45 hours of labor and my visions of toy wonder were fulfilled. Here I am enjoying the fruits of my hard work. Naturally, I have since outgrown the room and will need to make another.

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