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January 27, 2003

Kaiyodo Getta-1 Switch ON!

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 9:57 am

Aesthetics are very important to me, and this carries over to my toy collecting. The accuracy of the sculpt of a toy, and its faithfulness to the anime can make or break a deal for me, so imagine my excitement when Kaiyodo announced the Getter-1 action figure based on the design seen in the “Neo Getter Robo vs. Shin Getter Robo” OVA.

The figure comes in the “Rollout Version” as well as the harder-to-get “Meltdown Version”. Through some cosmic intervention, I managed to score both from HLJ. Both figures are done nicely, and both are capable of very dynamic poses. The head can tilt forward and backward, as well as pivot on the neck, allowing some very cool poses.

The ‘Rollout Version” features a glossy paintjob with some nice weathering, and comes with two Getter Tomahawk axes, Getter Machine Gun, a nicely painted Getter Wing cape, three sets of hands (closed fist, fists to hold the Getter Tomahawks, and open hands), and a couple of round, clear discs meant to be used as a stand. (They have a peg that goes in a hole at the bottom of the Getter 1’s feet). So far, I have not had to use the stands. The figure holds poses well, and it is nicely balanced, so it has not taken any spills.

The “Meltdown Version” features a nice flat paint job, weathered and “dirty” from hydraulic fluid seeping from the battle-damaged parts. It comes with two nicely weathered Getter Tomahawks, a weathered Getter Machine Gun, and the same stand discs as the “Rollout Version”. Its left shoulder comes with battle damage, four pairs of hands (closed fist, closed fist to hold weapons, open hands, as well as an open hand holding the Getter Reactor, with a corresponding, differently posed open hand). The left arm can be removed and replaced with a battle-damaged stub of a shoulder. The Getter reactor has dangling cables, one of which can be plugged into the Getter 1’s exposed guts, to simulate the scene in the OVA when the Getter 1 takes out the enemies by tearing out his own Getter Reactor core and making it explode. The “Meltdown Version” also comes with a nice base stand that features some collapsed building debris, and the remains of a defeated robot-dinosaur.

Both figures are made out of heavy PVC, and the joints feature Kaiyodo’s “Monoshaft” joints. The joints are nice and tight, and my only complaint is some paint chipping on the inside of the elbow joint (see closeup picture) from my repeatedly changing poses. Aside form this, both figures are flawless representations of the OVA’s Getter-1, and I would highly recommend both, as they each have exclusive accessories.

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