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January 19, 2003

Evil Lincoln!

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 3:36 pm

When I first opened the cockpit hatch and pulled out the driver figure, I thought, “Rob Zombie?” Because that’s exactly what the Dr. Hell figure looks like. Well, either that or an evil Abraham Lincoln.

Anyway, the Fewture Models 1901 Garada is a great piece. Lots of articulation and stability makes it a major improvement over the first 2 figures in the series. The plastic used is much better than that used for the Mazinger & Aflodai (they have a rubbery feel to them). The arms & legs don’t pop off or flop around and it will hold a pose. The articulation’s much better too. The elbows are double jointed for better bending, the chest & waist are both jointed to allow for hunching over or leaning back, and the neck & skull are both on seperate joints. The only complaint I have is with the feet. The pointy toes are hooked on to a joint on the foot to allow posing so they aren’t glued to the figure. They do tend to slide off. The paint job’s top notch, but I would have preferred  a scheme more similar to the original colors, this one looks a little too much like Skeletor. But with Fewture’s love of repaints it shouldn’t be too long before that color comes out. The figures roughly 9.5″ tall, (close to 11″ counting the head blades) which gives it some height over the Mazinger & Aflodai

As for gimmicks, there’s the opening cockpit with pilot figure, opening chest plates, hinged jaw, sliding spinal column which retracts and elongates depending on the torso positioning, 6 hands (with moveable wrists) and a bunch of smaller accessories used for making various weapons. There’s also a ‘Darkpolice Base’ included as well as the bonus weapons for the right wing of the 1901 Mazinger Scrandler (The right wing hasn’t been released yet, the left was included with Aflodai).

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