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July 3, 2009

Building a better little boy

Filed under: Mike Parisi,Toy News — Mike Parisi @ 2:17 pm


I had to do it.

Recently I’ve become a father, and although it sounds horribly cliche’, I think I have the cutest kid in the world (like all fathers should). It’s everything they tell you it is: Bliss, terror, peak human emotion, peak human experience… it’s all there, and it is most definitely miraculous. I love it.

Modern fathers have a new role these days, one that I personally relish: Documentarian. I take more photos & videos of this kid…poor ‘lil guy, his whole childhood is going to be readily available for historical review. However, sometimes it just seems right to alter reality a bit, especially if it involves Japanese robots!

It was this randomly captured pose that sparked my robo-inclined creative impulse. Even without the PS work, he looked like he was shooting to win an Astro Boy look-alike contest. I could not resist. And a whole new way to embarrass my kid was born….

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