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October 28, 2012

Cometdebris Kappa Shonen!!

Filed under: Erik Sjoen,Toy Love,Toy News — erik sjoen @ 12:29 pm

Just got my hands on Cometdebris Kappa Shonen compliments of Koji Harmon (Thank Koji!!). This cool little guy is 6.5 inches of sofubi love! Three points of articulation and a beautiful color scheme lead to an incredibly well executed design and delivery that bring to mind the spirit of vintage kawaii sofubi such as Irutan, Kure Kure Takora, Nyarome and Unagi-Inu to name a few. Personally, I’m feeling a Fujio Akatsuka influnce, which endears me to this lil’ guy even more given my fondness for Akatusa-san’s work.

Judging by the killer artwork on the header, our lil’ Kappa buddy likes to skate as well.

Kappa Shonen and friends can be found @ the COMETDEBRIS website. Get while the gettin’ is good y’all!

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