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August 15, 2012

Punch,punch, punch me in the face . Jet Jaguar part 2.

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Josh Fraser,Toy Love,Toy News — Josh Fraser @ 3:46 pm

As you might remember, I have already done my homage to Jet Jaguar a few years ago ( see link above). Then, I had given up hope to ever finding the one Bullmark vinyl that would for a moment, release me of my tin only diet.

As it happens, Sanjeev in his wisdom, (tainted always with a bit of evil), sends me a message in caps and exclamation points, and a link that would bring another circle to a close.

With only a couple days left a mint in bag Giant Bullmark Jet Jaguar grins at me mockingly. The last time one showed up, a couple years before, I had not been in a place to really go for it. Luckily, I had the means and waited it out.
Honestly surprised at the relatively low price it was won at, my buyer gets the typical diagram infused and enthusiastically neurotic email almost immediately after it ends.

1978 was when I saw my first Godzilla movie. Osh Gosh overalls and some random 70s graphic T, completed with blonde unkept muppet hair.

Creature Double Feature weekend was the weekly alter I prayed to. Godzilla vs Megalon was the sermon that made me see the light. Jet Jaguar was really my savior and gateway drug from which I would never return completely.

It was not until much later however , fully into my adulthood that I knew even a toy of this conglomeration of Japanese children’s imaginations even existed.

When it became apparent to me, not only was there a vinyl, but one over a foot tall… well, it went on a short list. One that lasted many years and one I even could not achieve when I lived in Tokyo. Loose yes, but not mint in bag for what was an affordable price 10 years ago.

I was worried it would have been the catalyst for getting into Toho vinyls, which really is not something I need to do to my wallet or sanity. Luckily it was just a desire for a proper Jet Jaguar toy that prompted the journey. One I’m happy to see finally come to an end.

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