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February 19, 2012

Cisco: Parachute Rockbat

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Brog No.4 in a row. My new personal record ;-)

It’s time for my first serious Rockbat Brog this year.
I bought a very special toy last year, that I want to show you today!

Not only the toy is very special, also the way it was packed when it arrived in germany.

Well protected in finest japanese Tupperware. Nice!

My first thought when I opened the box and looked at the toy.
“Rockbat looked much bigger on the auctions fotos on yahoo!”
Second thought: “Did I really paid so much for THAT! I must be crazy!!”

No, this wasn’t an “under the radar auction”. A few other crazy idiots really wanted this little sucker.
At the end I won it and I better don’t talk about the price.

Mint in bag. No cool artwork, not painted, nothing. That’s how a holy grail should look like.

This piece really is unique in my eyes. In all the years I collect Rockbat related
toys and scan Yahoo and ebay regular, I never seen this toy before.
Most likely this toy isn’t special at all. Maybe it’s such a cheap shit that nobody
wants to list it on yahoo, because it’s impossible to sell it. Who knows…

Again I destroyd the C-10-holiness of a toy. I opened the bag and removed the staples.
Shit…what have I done! Now I have to find another mint specimen in bag.

Rockbat has a Bullmark copyright marking on his forehead and a Cisco marking
on the back of his head. I couldn’t find out anything about Cisco. If anybody has informations
about Cisco, please let me know.

Rockbat is ready for some skydiving!

Here you could see the little blue guy with some sofubi brothers.

That’s it! I think everything is said about this awesome vintage collectible.
If another Rockbat will ever pop up on Yahoo, I’m pretty sure the price will
be astronomical…with the help of this Brog ;-)

More fotos in the BBS.

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