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February 8, 2012

Tekkaman: biceps-posing-knock-off sofubi

Filed under: Co. NAKAJIMA,Stephan Halder,Stoopid,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 12:35 pm

It happened last year. I scanned as usual Tekkaman auctions on Yahoo Japan
and…BANG…there was this strange looking Tekkaman vinyl.
Never seen this guy before, or after this auction again. Nobody bid und him,
so far I remember. No wonder. He looked horrible on the auction fotos.
Well, don’t mean his general styling. He looked super dirty.

When he arrived a few weeks later I could say. YES, he was super dirty!
Looked that he spent the last 20 years in an oil spill. Poor oily, slimy, stinking bastard.
But after a few hours of intensive cleaning he looked pretty nice.
And again: Shit preserves condition.

Here’s the man! He stands 9,45 inches (24 cm) tall, completely vinyl and he could
move his arms & upper part of his body.

He don’t look that bad. Maybe his arms are a “bit” deformed.
But if you photograph him from below, his arms look “ok” ;-)

It seems that my Tekkaman had some serious fights during his long toy life.
His fists are pretty worn and he also lost the tip of one of his “horns”.


Ok…his arms look strange. Non-stop-biceps-posing-style.

Posing with the Nakajima standard size sofubi and the big Talker.

He has no markings on his feet or somewhere else. Poor little no-name bastard!
Lets be generous and give him a cool name: Tekkaman BPKO sofubi

If you know his parents —> BBS





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