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June 26, 2011

I was kinda bored one summer…

Filed under: Toy News — Jerilock @ 9:05 pm

The east coast guys are probably well aware of this guy here, for those not in the know a bit of background. In the summer of 2002 I was kind of bored. I needed a project to keep myself occupied and eat up those lazy summer days. I saw an article online about a 1/6th scale rx-78 gundam that had been built for an event in Japan. On my desk was an MG RX-78-3. I grabbed it, a ruler, and calculator… hmmm, 1/6th scale would make this thing about 10 feet tall, but at 1/10th scale it’d be about 6 feet tall… and using a 1/100 scale kit as a template the measurement conversions would be pretty simple to figure out (I can’t help but LOL hard at that one)… a few months, and a ton of trips to the local hobby store later I had this guy finished. When I first moved down to FL my first place was pretty small and sadly 6 foot gundam wouldn’t fit anywhere. He sat in NY for close to 5 years, waiting for the opportunity to come down. About a month ago my folks offered to make “the final trip” down here and drag down the last of my stuff taking up space in the house. Somehow they managed to fit this guy in the back of the van (let me say now that my folks are freaking awesome). Now he’s here and the toy room feels that much more complete. Had to move a couple things to get him to fit but he slid into place pretty simply. Awesome times.

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