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November 29, 2009

Bullmark: Meka Machine Rockbat Part2

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 2:13 pm

…and again a double-post. I’m not sorry for that ;-)
While shooting some fotos for my own “toy archiving”
I thought, why don’t make a little BROG. X-mas is coming
and this Bullmark  Rockbat Meka Machine could be an
excellent gift for your kids…nooooo…for yourself.
If you want to see this great toy in motion, presented by our
chairman Mr.Sjoen just klick here.

Lets start with Mr.Nice Guy Rockbat.

…or Mr.Bad Guy Rockbat. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang…

Don’t have to say much about this Meka Machine Rockbat.
Great box design, lots of great action features, great toy!
Is there any Bullmark Meka Machine that isn’t great?

Now I show you some detail shots of Rockbat.
Push the buttons on his chest and his “hat” will be shoot into the air.

Rockbat has a lever on his back. You move his yellow wings with it.

He comes with rockets for his gun and he has wheels on his heels.
“wheels on his heels” sounds like a trucker song …argh…howdieee

Rockbat has lots of gimmicks. But he’s a real “transformer”.
Move his legs into position and another wheel pops out of his butt.
Ready to race!

Thats it.
I swear: No more Rockbat Meka Machine BROGS in the future!

More fotos etc in the BBS section.

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