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January 9, 2013

Bullmark: Mirrorboy

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Bullmark Mirrorman (ミラーマン) sofubi

January 8, 2013

Bullmark: Tuesday Curricular Machine

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….nothing special. Just a few photos for fun.

January 7, 2013

Bullmark: Keep smilin’

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Bullmark Kittyfire (キティファイヤー) standard size sofubi.

January 6, 2013

Bullmark: We all live in a Mirrorman Submarine

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Today it’s time for a bit Submarine love.

These Bullmark Mirrorman (ミラーマン) Submarine Sets pop up
quiet regular on Y!JP. I always liked the box art, but this set never was
really on top of my “want list”. A few weeks ago I had the chance to win
one for a pretty nice price…I couldn’t say no.





As you could see, the box art is quiet nice. Some cool
Mirrorman-Kaiju-Submarine battle action. The set contains
4 little plastic kaijus (Maruchi, Aian, Dakaron and Invera)
and the Submarine. The sub is surprisingly heavy and is a
tin/plastic combination.


The Sumarine has two action features. A wind-up propellor drive
and a “water ballast tank” that could be filled with water….or sake.


Here you could see the propellor drive in action. It could cut off your fingers easy ;-)
With the crank you boost the propellor.

You could see the filler cap for the “water ballast tank” on the left side.


Here’s a close up of the 4 Kaijus. Too bad that there’s no Mirrorman in the set.
I guess he’s in the Submarine…



But Mirrorman has other opportunities to kick the Kaijus asses!
He don’t really need a Submarine…he has his deadly tricycle!

So, get lost you little plastic suckers…

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January 2, 2013

Yonezawa: No.10 – really mini Goriking

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Lets start 2013 with a mini Brog and a really mini Robot.
This is a Yonezawa Goriking No.10. This guy usually kicks
Astekaizer’s (プロレスの星 アステカイザー) ass, in the  pro-wrestling
tokusatsu series created by Go Nagai in 1976.

Here we go…

Box had seen better days, but I’m happy that I have the
little sucker. Next pic is a close-up of the back side.

Now Goriking himself. Solid zinc & plastic mix.

Here comes the usual feet fetish photo…Goriking is walking on decals.

Here’s the mini Goriking with his big brother (No.8).

That’s it for today. Now I have to find theNo.3 – really mini Astekaizer
and the No.7 – really mini Mach Beat“, never seen No.7 before.
I also need “No.13 – Mach Beat with Magic Motor”, also never seen
this on before. Pretty exotic stuff.
The hunt goes on, 2013 will be an interesting year ;-)


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