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November 20, 2010

Barom and Warren meet in Chinatown. pt 2

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Barom 1 tells Warren he is hungry for dim sum. Warren complies…

Barom and Warren meet in Chinatown. pt 1

Warren opens his Barom 1 for the first time in Chinatown.

November 10, 2010

I wear my sunglasses at night

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October 27, 2010

Ginza mini summit

Warren, Alen and I all meet for lunch today at Ginza in Chinatown. I have only been to the other location in Brookline, but have high hopes regardless as the food is always excellent.

Uncle W brings a package and hands me a gift for my better half… a mini sofubi to go with his big brother on her shelf. He then gives Alen a missile firing Takatoku Gokai Tiger and Alen poses for the inevitable photo. The low res IPhone photo.
Yen brings out the Voltron USBs and Uncle admires it as I pick out what I want to eat. They have Anago (sea eel) and all feels right with the world.

We are all tired, busy, and feeling the stress of the holiday seasons. But it is good to get together once in a while and just decompress with good food, friends and toys. Another mini summit to the rescue.

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