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November 10, 2010

I wear my sunglasses at night

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October 27, 2010

Ginza mini summit

Warren, Alen and I all meet for lunch today at Ginza in Chinatown. I have only been to the other location in Brookline, but have high hopes regardless as the food is always excellent.

Uncle W brings a package and hands me a gift for my better half… a mini sofubi to go with his big brother on her shelf. He then gives Alen a missile firing Takatoku Gokai Tiger and Alen poses for the inevitable photo. The low res IPhone photo.
Yen brings out the Voltron USBs and Uncle admires it as I pick out what I want to eat. They have Anago (sea eel) and all feels right with the world.

We are all tired, busy, and feeling the stress of the holiday seasons. But it is good to get together once in a while and just decompress with good food, friends and toys. Another mini summit to the rescue.

September 13, 2010

Kindness, Karma, and Completion.

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What can I say about Warren Schwartz that hasn’t already been said? How about, we are lucky as Hell to have a guy as hardcore yet so effortlessly generous among us. This little story starts here:

As usual, I’m floored by the sheer density of super rare, high quality stuff Warren possesses. Pretty much every pic is a work of art and Josh, of course, does a stellar job describing an experience many only dream about. This time however, I’m a bit *more* excited than usual because of this one little unassuming photo:

Today, with the Mecha Machine-Zoboga parts I already had, this lovely creature is now in it’s full-glory existence once again. Thanks to really great fellow collector, Warren Schwartz.

September 5, 2010

Barom one talker

Filed under: Declarations,Josh Fraser,Toy Love,Warren Schwartz — Josh Fraser @ 11:55 pm

Freshly opened to see if it arrived unscathed from its long trip from Tokyo. Uncle W’s new minty baby Barom 1 talker.
I personally have never seen this box before, as it is dramatically different ( and much better in my opinion) than the reissue. Stoically it waits, slightly impatient, to be lovingly placed among his brothers in Warren’s sanctuary.

August 27, 2010

Rider mania

A Yonezawa sparkler makes its way onto my shelf due to the kindness of a fellow collector.
Despite the insanity of recent prices and the fierce competition among bidders as of late, it is acts like this which keep my faith alive, that the child-like love is what fuels us at all the core.

Throw the boomerang hard next time you can. It will always come back.


August 10, 2010

Impromptu visit

Filed under: Toy Love,Warren Schwartz — Josh Fraser @ 7:00 pm

So the catalyst for these brogs was a recent last minute drive to Warren’s to help him with a few things to sell.

As luck would have it, a box arrives as I do. I document as Uncle unpacks and we hang out , taking advantage of the brief break in both our schedules to sit and enjoy some of his recent purchases.
I wander and take a few other shots of the bedroom and am amused by the toys he keeps out and about his room. Many of which would be under glass in most collections. But that is the point and the charm. He treats them as they should be. Like old friends.

Plastic and vinyl, Schwartz style

Filed under: Toy Love,Warren Schwartz — Josh Fraser @ 6:37 pm

You really don’t need me to explain much. You all know the drill.

Get a drink, turn on the music, dim the lights , and look at the pretty pictures.

get ready…


Uncle W exhibit

Filed under: Toy Love,Toy News,Warren Schwartz — Josh Fraser @ 4:46 pm

Invasion: Japanese Robots from the Collection of Warren Schwartz

Organized by LSU MOA; April 13 through October 7, 2007

Invasion: Japanese Robots from the Collection of Warren Schwartz showcases more than 200 robots – about one tenth of Schwartz’s collection – produced from 1972-1982, during the peak of these action figures’ popularity.

In celebration of the annual East Coast Chogokin Summit, I thought it would be cool to showcase some more East Coast collection love…

Rescued from the forgotten depths of Warren’s digital camera.

For those of you who recall a few years ago, Warren displayed a few of his toys at the museum. He showed me the photos he had taken of it himself last week, and I thought it best to share them here.

July 21, 2010

カプセルロボG: Astro Mu Capsule Robo G Missile Firing Vinyl

Filed under: Co. NAKAJIMA,Daily Money Shots,Erik Sjoen,Warren Schwartz — erik sjoen @ 5:25 pm

The SUPER DUPER RARE red vinyl Capsule Robo G MFV compliments of Uncle Warren Schwartz. I forgot the back story of where/when he picked this up, but I just came across this pic and had to post it! The kind of thing many of us around here would kill for…

Discuss on the BBS HERE!


July 16, 2010

カプセルロボG: Nakajima Astro Mu Capsule Robo G UNMASKED!!

Filed under: Co. NAKAJIMA,Erik Sjoen,Warren Schwartz — erik sjoen @ 6:18 pm

Daily money shots!



Thank you Uncle Warren!!

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