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July 30, 2010

特装機兵ドルバック: Takatoku Special Armored Battalion Dorvack Mugen Calibur vinyl

Filed under: Co. TAKATOKU,Erik Sjoen,Toy News — erik sjoen @ 4:17 pm


I give you the scale-less Variable Vehicle VV-54 AR Mugen Calibur soft vinyl figure from Takatoku toys. Created, and released in the midst of their swan song unfortunately..

A 6.5 inch horror show compliments of Mr. Robert Duban, author of the monumental and unparalleled ToyboxDX Datafiles, this sucker came to me in the mail about a year ago. Regrettably, it’s taken me this long to wax poetic about its absolute “suck”, but here we go!!

Don’t get me wrong. Those of us who reside in the umteenth circle of hell which is super/real robot sofubi collecting, things like this absolutely SHINE!!!!!! when they are associated with the word “suck”.. That being said, thanks Duban! Thanks for the “suck”! Ewwwwwww….

Enjoy the “suck” all you fans of new school diecast CMs Dorvack piece. Enjoy the 3 pitiful points of articulation this beautiful bastard of vintage Japanese toy collecting sports proudly! Behold him in all of his “suck” grace! And yes, as if you weren’t asking yourself, it does have a waist joint…

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