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October 12, 2003

The camera adds a few centimeters

Filed under: Toy News — Rumble Crew @ 6:11 pm

“The Chogokin” figures have managed to charm their way into the hearts of collectors. I just had to buy the Getta One for myself. After I first freed the tiny titan from his Styrofoam tomb I was surprised at just how small this rendition of the Getta One is. However, this palm-sized Popy paperweight has enough Gokin content to play with the big boys.

The Chogkin Getta One blows just away the competition. It is heavier than rubber figure, cuter than the Kaiyodo figure, more soulful than the SoC figure, and more manageable than the Marmit figure.

I know you PVC action figure freaks out there are more concerned about gimmicks and articulation and let me tell you that this Getta One has plenty! Check out this action pose. Getta One’s forearms can also be removed for simulated damage from this week’s Mechazaurus. Gimmick wise, this figure surpasses all of Getta Ones. He can launch his shiny chromed Tomahawk at any unsuspecting Kaiju and finish them off with the rarely seen Getta Headobutto!

If I had any complaint about this marvelous toy, it has to be his yellow chest because it clashes with the other toys. All Getta Ones must match! Ah well despite that one failing, this super robot of small stature is fit to be a champion.


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