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August 16, 2009

Bullmark: Blazer friction cycle Part 2

Filed under: Co. BULLMARK,Stephan Halder,Toy Love,Toy News — chogoman @ 5:36 pm

Noooooooo, this is not a double-post.  ;-)

Ok, it’s the same Bullmark Blazer friction cycle Mike showed us
in this BROG ( ), but I MUST
make this BROG now! Because this toy is so cool.
Beside my vintage japanese robot mania I have a heart for vintage
motorcycles, specially 70ties japanese (who wonders) bikes.
Kawasakis Z, Honda Fours…from time to time a italian beauty…

This Blazer on a Honda CB 750 four is the ultimate “robot-on-bike-toy”
for me. The combination of my favorite robot and vintage Honda heavy metal rocks.

Today finally the summer cames back to germany, after a few rainy weeks.
Time to make some fotos outside…

Broooooaaaaar…high speed Blazer on the Highway to Hell.

It was time to put my Blazer costume on and have a little race against the
little Bullmark cycle. Unfortunately I have to take my CB 500 four. Don’t know
if I have a chance against Blazers’ 750.   ;-)

I won!

Let’s get serious again. The Blazer friction cycle comes in a lovely box with great
Blazer-on-bike pictures. A typicall Bullmark box…did they ever made crappy boxes?!

Here are some shots of the toy. I have seen a few similar Bullmark-Honda-cycles toys with
Ultraman or a Policeman on it.

Some detail shots. There is a “sparkling” mechanism inside the motor.
Looks cool when the the bike is driving and the motor is sparkling.

Another strange action feature is the rocket launcher in
Blazers’ transparent rubber head.

This BROG is for you, Mike.
Thanks man, showing me this great toy!
I’m a lucky bastard, because I found my Blazer cycle only a few months later,
after I had seen it here . It was love on the first sight.
A few more pictures etc in the BBS section:,200706

Sorry…but I’m a liar. This was a double-post.

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