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July 8, 2009


Filed under: Toy Love,Toy News — Sanjeev @ 9:55 pm

Man…it’s been WAY too long since I’ve posted collection pics. Truth be told, I’ve never been THAT fond of posting shots of my vinyl collection simply because it’s usually changing so damn fast and I just can’t seem to feel 100% satisfied with the shots unless they’re absolutely up-to-date. Even now, I’m hesitant…

Anyway, things have started to slow since I’ve filled in most of my staples…not to mention designer stuff is growing less and less appealing to me by the minute…

So what’s the occasion? Well, as dumb as it is to admit…I got a new tripod. It’s diesel and I’m in love with it, so what better to shoot with the new “toy” than the glow posse??

Now, one thing to inform y’all of: this is me and my girl’s bedroom. It’s pretty DAMN small…so there’s enough room for these rows of shelves along two walls, and my full-size mattress on the floor. And that’s just about it! I have a multi-head floor lamp armed with a couple of these bad larrys to power the collection. I tell ya, you can read comic books at night just from the glow light (thanks for the inspiration, Corey)!

Shockingly, my girlfriend totally digs it. I’ll leave it at that, you pervs…

Enjoy! (Oh, and if you wanna see stoopidly hi-res versions of these pics, head over to my Photobucket glow gallery. These will be floating around in there somewhere!)

[this one’s for hypermook. if you’re out there, Chris…sorry I’m late! ;) ]

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