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July 23, 2010

INCUBOT @ SDCC 2010!! Part UNO

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Just KICKIN’ it! You can find us at the Super 7 booth #4729!


More to come soon, so stay tuned!!

June 9, 2010

DimSummit 2.0

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So what do you get when you have half a dozen toy nerds descend upon an unsuspecting Dim Sum joint, with a box full of protos and a mind full of marketing ideas?

Regan and I arrive before anyone else and soon get a message from Alen he is almost there. I imagine him zipping in and out of traffic with a passenger seat full of Nekosaurs and think about how crazy he drove when he had a damn Volkswagon new Beetle, and not his monster of a Solstice. He is likely listening to the Gatchaman soundtrack and blowing past Honda Civics, humming along, wishing he was dressed in his Condor outfit.

Everyone soon arrives and we make our way to the table. They smartly stick us in the corner of the back room, out of the way, as the waiters seem to be curious about what this rag tag bunch is up to. Why are they carrying a box of robots to their table anyway?

It does not take long for the waitresses to be amused and pick up various Sofubi Neckos and giggle and comment on how “cute” they are.

We have gained fans, and the pork buns are rolling around the table while Alen in his bemused but stoic Ceo persona, hands out the goodies.

Various Matt Walker painted vinyls make their way into our greasy hands. Chops sticks on one side, and sparkle Monster Color Nekos in the other.

Course two is a new selection of Neko USBs, and before long Alen pulls out the big guns…A licensed VOLTRON USB which Yen has quietly been working on, as well as a Popy style catalog for future releases!

After lunch we head out, and a few other items are shared and traded. Dave thoughtfully brings Regan her three talkers.

She happily puts them in the car, and we plan for a meeting at Mason’s house later for dinner (bacon) and a Godzilla movie.

Not a better time could be asked for.

Next Brog: Mason’s dinner party and collection.

March 11, 2010

Incubot Neko Z Pt II

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I threw up a quick post quickly last month here about the bad ass Nekosaur Z that Gatchabert did up for me but felt the need to take a group shot. Man, this thing really delivers. I love the old school overspray. Check out the similarities with the Popy mini sofubi Great Mazinger. Big ups to the MAN, Sifu Alen Yen for bringing this bad ass figure into existence and some real big ups to Bert Gatchalian aka Gatachabert for the SICK interpretation ala Go Nagai. His work never ceases to amaze.

Purchase your very own Nekosaur sofubi HERE.

You can also follow the work of Bert Gatchalian HERE.

February 4, 2010


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Bert Gatchalian of busted out this incredible custom homage to Go Nagai himself. Neko am LOVE. Mazinger Z eat your heart out!!!


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