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Aoshin Triked Glory

Apex The Apex of Gokin

Ark The Lost Ark

Ark The Lost Ark Japanese Language Version!

Bandai High Complete Model Checklist

Banso Plastic Toys

Big Bear

Bullmark Raging Bullmark

Bullmark Raging Bullmark Japanese Language Version!

Clover Ground Zero

Eidai Eidai's Gripping Tale

Fuji Fuji-San

Grip Toy Get a Grip!

Imai Good Model, Now Roll Over

Mark On Your Mark

Maruka Metal


Marushin Marushin's Machine Gokin

Matsushiro In the Shadows

Nakajima Diecast

Nomura Diecast

Ohsato Oh! Oh! Second Time Ohsato

Onda Ondapocalypse Now!

Plamodel Marusan's Minis

Poem Poetry in Motion

Poplar Poplar-ity Contest

Popy Chogokin and Popinika

Robin Toy Wonder

Sakura Sakura's Electric Gokin

Sansei A Galient Effort

Sanzen Now and Sanzen

Sega Sega's Saga

Seven Seven's Dwarf Diecasts

Shinsei UFO Commander 7

Takatoku A to Z Gokin

Takatoku Kanzen Henkei

Takemi Big Assed Gokin!

Tsukuda The Many Faces of Tsukuda

Victora V for Victora!

Wilby Triumph of the Wilby

Wood Is Good

Yonezawa Lords of Tin, Losers of Diecast

Yutaka Getta Robo Go

Aura Battler Dunbine


Fang of the Sun Dougram

Heavy Metal L-Gaim

Machine Soldier Dorvack

Spiral Zone

About the Datafiles

Welcome to the ToyboxDX Datafiles. They're more than just a massive database of cool Japanese toys. They're a window into the souls of the people and companies that made them.

Toy lines like Chogokin. Zinclon. Z-Gokin. Kanzen Henkei. Arklon.

Big manufacturers like Bandai and Popy, Bullmark, Takara, and Takatoku.

Lesser-known greats such as Ark, Nakajima, Nomura, and Takemi. Even minor players like Apex, Ansony, Wilby, and Wood.

Shogun Warriors. Godaikin. If you love giant robots, you've come to the right place. Our ongoing mission is to catalog 'em all or die trying.

If you'd like to contribute, or have better photos of any of the toys showcased here, by all means drop us a line! We're always on the prowl for the most up-to-date info.


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