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Wood is Good

text: Robert Duban & Matt Alt, graphics: Robert Duban

July 2004

updated: 07.24.04

Erik Sjoen, Timetrip2000

"Wood" may be an odd name for a toy company, but it suits the odd and mysterious nature of this particular manufacturer. In fact, it isn't particularly clear if the "Wood" logo refers to a company name or a brand name.

[Aoshin logo] The packages for a number of Wood toys, including Mach Baron, Red Baron, and others, sport the name in conjunction with manufacturer Aoshin's distinctive "ASC" logo. This gives weight to the theory that "Wood" is simply a brand name, but nobody really knows for sure. Muddying the waters is the fact that the licenses for the Wood toys overlap those of legendary toy company Bullmark. In the 1970s, it was quite common for larger companies to subcontract manufacturing or distribution work to smaller vendors and manufacturers. As such, it's quite possible that Bullmark played some sort of role in producing the toys as well.

[image] The toys themselves are fairly unspectacular, with perhaps one exception: the large "Miracle Fighting" Red Baron toy. It features a translucent chest that covers a lenticular image of missiles and internal workings that appear to move when viewed from different angles. Also worthy of note is Wood's Mach Baron mini-vinyl which has spring-loaded firing fists -- a rare gimmick in this size of vinyl toy.

Curricula Machine
[image] mini Curricula Machine vinyl
Go! Green Man
[image] Green Man vinyl
Super Robot Mach Baron
[image] mini diecast Mach Baron - box
Mach Baron vinyl "Action Set" (Mach Baron, Heinkel SS, Heil V2, Tiger GT) - package
Super Robot Red Baron
mini wind-up Red Baron - box
[image] "Diecast Model" chrome Red Baron - box back
Red Baron, Big Bison & Viking III vinyl set - box
"Miracle Fighting" Red Baron vinyl - box, box back

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