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October 2005

Updated: 10.28.05

As a collector, you've got to be pretty far gone to care about a company as minor as Ansony. Or is that "in too deep?" Whatever the case, only a handful of the many, many toys this surprisingly prolific company made would appeal to the average ToyboxDX reader. Still, catalog them we must.

Ansony sold characters toys for a wide variety of television shows, comic books, and films. Ultraman. Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro. Gatchaman. Kamen Rider. Doraemon. Tetsujin 28. And perhaps least known to American fans, Makoto-Chan, the sophomoric, scatological humor-fest by manga master Umezu Kazuo. Their products run the gamut from bottom-of-the-barrel cheap toys to fairly intricate lithographed tin "walkers" and giant-sized dolls. The vast majority of Ansony's toys would barely trip the radar of a toy robot collector, but a handful deserve special mention.

[Super 7 magazine - issue #9] The list below represents but a small fraction of the many toys this company produced. Ansony die-hards should also be on the lookout for Doraemon plush toys, Sun Vulcan masks, and "pistol" toys branded with a variety of characters, including Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Doraemon (!).

For more information about Ansony, see also Tom Franck's article on "talkers" in issue #9 of "Super 7 Magazine."

[image] "Robot" Ultraman tin
[image] Ken tin - Gatchaman 2
[image] Ultra 7 talker
[image] The Ultraman talker
[image] Kamen Rider Super 1 talker
[image] Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro
Hana no Ko RunRun
[image] Makoto-chan
[image] Ultra Hawk 3

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