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[Grip Toy]

Grip Toy: Get a Grip!

text: Matt Alt, graphics: Robert Duban

June 2006

updated: 06.24.06

[Dragonar 1] Not to be confused with the "Grip" series of toys sold by the Eidai Corporation, "Grip Toy" appears to be yet another minor brand name employed by that master of disguise, Bandai. Some "Grip Toy" packages feature the ubiquitous "P" logo found on Victora and Robin products. Others sport the "Y" logo used by Bandai subsidiary Yutaka. A handful of "Grip Toys" also feature the text "Marukoshi Incorporated," an Asakusa-based toy manufacturer that supplies toys to a wide variety of companies and is currently helmed by former Bullmark executive Saburo Ishizuki.

The toys are a rather mixed grab-bag of characters, but there is a strange theme running through many of them: guns. More than a few are boxed play-sets containing a character toy and a BB-pellet firing "bazooka" toy. Although Grip Toy is hardly the only manufacturer of such playthings ("Big Bear" comes to mind), it's a peculiar genre of character toys, to be sure.

The following list is a work in progress, merely a first attempt at cataloging a handful of Grip Toy products. Undoubtedly Grip Toy fanatics -- all one or two of you -- will uncover more in the future.

[image] Batten Robomaru 1982
[image] Cat Ninden Teyande - Yattaro Deka 1990
[image] Dragonar 1 [box] 1987
[image] Super Bazooka Dragonar 1987
[image] Dragonball Z - Super Saya-jin Goku 1989
[image] Dragonball Z - Super Saya-jin Vegeta 1989
[image] Fiveman - Five Robo BB Bazooka 1990
[image] Fiveman - Super Five Robo 1990
[image] Fiveman Series No 05 - Five Yellow 1990
[image] Fiveman - Fi-blaster 1990
[image] Jiban Deadly Weapons Set 1989
[image] Jiraya 1988
[image] Jiraya - Jiraishin 1988
[image] Liveman - Super Bazooka Live Robo 1988
[image] Liveman - Red Falcon 1988
[image] Liveman - Moto Machine Set 1988
[image] Liveman - Moto Machine Set w. Blue Dolphin 1988
[image] Maskman - Super Bazooka Great Five 1987
[image] Maskman - Mascroder-Set 1987
[image] Saint Seiya - #1 - Taurus Cross 1986
[image] Saint Seiya - #3 - Libra Cross 1986
[image] Turboranger - Turbo Balance Game 1989
[image] Turboranger - Flying Turbo Brace 1989

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