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August 2006

Updated: 08.06.06

"Marukoshi Incorporated," is an Asakusa-based toy manufacturer that supplies toys to a wide variety of companies, but also made what seems to have been a small line of toys with Marukoshi's own brand, the "MK" in a diamond. The company made numerous toys for Bandai, which often feature the Bandai/Popy "P" logo on the packaging. This "P" logo is also seen on toys from Grip Toy, Victora, Robin, and Big Bear.

You can find the Marukoshi name on the backs of many of the "Grip Toy" and "Robin" toy packages. While Marukoshi did make a small selection of vinyl and plastic toys, their mainstay seems to have been eraser toys. Lots and lots of eraser toys.

The company is currently run by former Bullmark executive Saburo Ishizuki.

[image] Seven Riders - Kamen Rider vinyl (#2)
[image] Seven Riders - Kamen Rider Stronger vinyl
Seven Riders - Kamen Rider X vinyl
Seven Riders - Rider Man vinyl
[image] Posable Figure Goranger Akaranger
[image] Posable Figure Grandizer
[image] Posable Figure Raideen
[image] Fly Fly Purunpa Akaranger
[image] Fly Fly Purunpa Raideen
[image] plastic Hacchan set

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