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Heavy Metal L-Gaim

text: Roger Harkavy, graphics: Marc Raley

December 1999

updated: 12.29.99

Contributions by: Robert Duban

Produced by Yoshiyuki Tomino of Mobile Suit Gundam fame, one of the things L-Gaim is notable for is giving Mamoru Nagano his start in anime as a writer, character designer, and mecha designer. Later on, the material from L-Gaim would be folded into his epic manga The Five Star Stories, but in 1984 when the series aired, it was received well enough to warrant 54 episodes. Although on the surface a show about fatherless, laser sword-wielding Daba Myroad growing up on a desert planet and teaming up with revolutionaries to overthrow a tyrannical ruler might seem very reminiscent of a certain other sci-fi series, it definitely stands apart from the deluge of Gundam sequels that were about to follow in the mid to late 80s.


Unfortunately, aside from the four enties in the High Complete Model line, only one L-Gaim toy was produced by Bandai in the 80s. A couple of UFO catcher figurines have been released by Banpresto, feeding the mecha nostalgia wave sweeping through Japan. More recently, a Korean toy of the Auge has turned up, but it is unknown whether this might be a duplicate of the HCM, a casting of the model kit, or a copy of a previously unseen toy.


Now relax to the sweet, sweet melody of the L-Gaim Main Theme MIDI File - courtesy of Steve Chang


Bandai 1/100 Series
Fair Gaim L-Gaim Mark 1
Additional Images: Box Front, Box Sides, Box Back, Instructions
Banpresto UFO Catcher Figurines
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L-Gaim Mark 1

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L-Gaim Mark 2

Unknown Manufacturer
no foto! no foto! Auge

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