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text: Robert Duban & Matt Alt, graphics: Robert Duban

June 2003


[Space Beetle] Miniature, palm-sized diecast character toys enjoyed a great deal of popularity in 1970's Japan. Perhaps most famous is the extensive series of minis manufactured by Eidai under the "Grip" brand name. However, numerous other companies produced minis of their own: Takatoku, Bullmark, Imai (under the "Good Model" brand name) and others -- including bit-player Fuji.

Fuji sold their mini-diecasts under the name "Fuji Hobby." The boxes also sport the phrase "daika-mini" -- an abbreviation of the Japanese pronunciation for the phrase "diecast car - mini." Fuji's line of toys centered on vehicles from various Ultraman shows. While most were sold in the ubiquitous plastic-dome-and-cardboard-base packaging (a standard set by Eidai's Grip line), Fuji also sold their toys in tiny window boxes as well. These packaging variations are included in the list below.

Not much is known about Fuji. Like many minor toy companies at the time, their character toy output was quite limited. In addition to these mini-diecasts, we've stumbled across several non-character toys and models as well. The following list is a work in progress; it's more than likely that additional "Fuji Hobby" toys will pop up in the near future.
Space Beetle - box ver. 1
Ultra Seven
Magma Riser - box ver. 1
Pointer - box ver. 1
Station Hawk 1 - box ver. 1
Ultra Hawk 1 - box ver. 1, box ver. 2
Ultra Hawk 2 - box ver. 1
Ultra Hawk 3 - box ver. 1, box ver. 2
Ultraman Returns
Mat Arrow 1 - box ver. 1
Mat Arrow 2 - box ver. 1, box ver. 2
Mat Gyro - box ver. 2, box ver. 3
Ultraman Taro
Condor 1 - box ver. 2
Super Swallow - box ver. 2

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