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04/05/83 - 01/31/84

[Batrain C-3 SL Type] he third, and arguably least popular, entry in the "J9" series of animated shows (the first two being "Bryger" and "Baxinger"). "Sasuraiger" was a science-fiction retelling of "Around the World in Eighty Days," featuring a handsome ne'er-do-well forced to participate in a (what else?) giant-robot-equipped race across the galaxy. The baroque design of the show was reinforced by the lead character's vehicle, a spacecraft resembling a vintage locomotive engine and capable of transforming into the towering robot "Sasuraiger."

Although Takatoku's Macross, Dorvack, and Orguss toys featured fully self-contained transformations, the deluxe Sasuraiger toys required the removal and replacement of the arms to convert from one form to another. As such, they were marketed as "kahen meka" ("transforming mecha") instead of "kanzen henkei" ("perfectly transforming") toys.

Sasuraiger seems to have gone through more than its share of editorial changes throughout the design process. The earliest advertisements featured simply the title "Batrain" without any reference to "Sasuraiger." What's more, the names etched into the feet of the "enemy" vinyl figures (a common practice that helped kids identify what they were playing with) don't match up with the actual names of the characters.

  Kahen Mecha Series & ST:   

Batrain C-3 SL Type
[Robot Type] [box]
[SL Type] [box back]
Batrain C-3 SL Type - Real Color Version
[Robot Type] [box] [toy in box]
[SL Type] [box back]
Sasuraiger TV-83X
[Robot Type] [box] [toy in box] [instructions]
[box side 1] [box side 2] [box back]
  Mini-Gokin & plastic:   

Sasuraiger J9 III - mini gokin
[Robot Type] [box]
Souzer EM-3 - mini gokin
[Souzer EM-3] [box] [toy in box]
[box back]
Sasuraiger J9 III Mini Gokin DX
[Robot Type] [SL Type] [box] [toy in box]
[Souzer EM-3]
Sasuraiger TV-83X Pura-Deluxe
[Robot Type] [box]
[SL Type]
Sasuraiger J9 III - Henkei Type
[Robot Type] [box]
[SL Type]

Sasuraiger - "Big"
[Robot Type] [box]
Sasuraiger - mid sized
[Robot Type] [box]
[box back]
Collection Set (Sasuraiger, Eadle BG-9, Souzer EM-3, Stikk EP1-4, )
[Sasuraiger] [Eadle BG-9] [box]
[Souzer EM-3] [Stikk EP1-4] [box back]