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10/03/82 - 06/26/83

[1/55 VF-J Hikaru] akatoku's legacy of "kanzen henkei" ("perfectly transforming") robot toys begins here. Initially conceived as a comedy series, "Macross" evolved into a sci-fi drama set to an engaging (well, to Japanese fans, anyway) pop-music score. From a merchandising standpoint, the show centered around a futuristic vehicle known as a "Valkyrie," which resembled an F-14 fighter jet but could [Notes on Shoji Kawamori's design] seamlessly transform into a towering robot. The Valkyrie wasn't the first toy vehicle that transformed into a robot, but it was the first that managed to pull off the switch without sacrificing the look or style of either form. Takatoku's groundbreakingly well designed portrayal of this popular robot character cemented their position as masters of the transforming robot toy.

In a testament to the popularity of the toy designs, other companies scrambled to acquire the molds to the Macross toys upon Takatoku's demise in 1984. Matsushiro, the firm responsible for the actual molding and assembly of the toys, sold a brief run of semi-legitimate, unlicensed versions of the 1:55 VF-1J Valkyrie and the 1:3000 SDF-1. Later, toy-industry leader Bandai used Takatoku's molds and designs as the basis for toy merchandise for the 1984 Macross movie. American firm Hasbro acquired the rights to use a re-colored version the 1:55 Super VF-1S as the character "Jetfire" in the Transformers toy series. And the American company Matchbox, famed for their diecast mini-cars, sold repainted versions of several of Takatoku's 1:144 and 1:240 Destroids and a slightly redesigned 1:3000 SDF-1 as part of their horrible "Robotech" line of toys.

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  1/55 Battroid Valkyrie Series:   

VF-1S Roy Fokker Special
[Battroid Mode] [Gerwalk Mode] [box] [toy in box] [instructions 1]
[Valkyrie Mode] [box side 1] [box side 2] [box back] [instructions 2] [notes]
VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo Type
[Battroid Mode] [Gerwalk Mode] [box] [toy in box] [instructions 1] [stickers]
[Valkyrie Mode] [box side 1] [box side 2] [box back] [instructions 2] [notes]
VF-1J Max Type
[Battroid Mode] [Gerwalk Mode] [box] [toy in box] [instructions 1] [stickers]
[Valkyrie Mode] [instructions 2] [notes]
VF-1J Miria Type
[Battroid Mode] [Gerwalk Mode] [box] [toy in box] [instructions 1] [stickers]
[Valkyrie Mode] [box back] [instructions 2] [notes]
VF-1A Standard Type
[Battroid Mode] [Gerwalk Mode] [box] [toy in box]
[Valkyrie Mode] [box back] [instructions 2] [notes]
VF-1S Super Valkyrie
[Battroid Mode] [Gerwalk Mode] [box] [toy in box]
[Valkyrie Mode]
GBP-1S Armor System
[GBP-1S Armor System] [box] [toy in box] [instructions 1]
VF-1S Armored Valkyrie GBP-1S
[Battroid Mode] [box] [toy in box]
  Macross Collection Series:   

No 1: 1/144 VF-1J Variable Fighter
[Battroid Mode] [box] [toy in box] [stickers]
[box back]
No 2: 1/144 Destroid Tomahawk MBR-04-MK VI
[Destroid Tomahawk MBR-04-MK VI] [box] [stickers]
[box back]
No. 3: 1/144 Destroid Defender ADR-04-MK X
[Destroid Defender ADR-04-MK X] [box] [toy in box] [stickers]
[box back]
No. 4: 1/144 Destroid Spartan MBR-07-MK II
[Destroid Spartan MBR-07-MK II] [box] [toy in box] [stickers]
[box back]
No. 5: 1/240 Destroid Monster HWR-00-MK II
[Destroid Monster HWR-00-MK II] [box] [toy in box] [stickers]
[box side 1] [box side 2] [box back]
No. 6: 1/144 VF-1S Variable Fighter
[Battroid Mode] [box] [toy in box] [stickers]
[box back]
No. 7: 1/144 Destroid Phalanx SDR-04-MK XII
[Destroid Phalanx SDR-04-MK XII] [box] [toy in box]
[box back]
  Conversion Kit & SDF-1:   

Conversion Kit - 1/100 Destroid Tommahawk, Defender, Phalanx
[Destroid Tommahawk] [Destroid Defender] [box] [instructions 1] [stickers]
[Destroid Phalanx] [box side 1] [box side 2] [instructions 2]
1/3000 SDF-1
[Attacker Mode] [box] [box] [toy in box]
[Cruiser Mode]
1/6300 SDF-1
[Attacker Mode] [box] [toy in box] [instructions 1] [stickers]
[box side 1] [box side 2] [box back]
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