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10.08.98: Soul of Chogokin GX-01B
Mazinger Z "Black"

I've never been impressed with either the idea behind or execution of any toy repaint. This object, however is really really cool -- like a Mazinger Shinobi Z, and everything you'd want in a giant stealthy robot.

The finish is distinct: a matte flat, almost sandblasted finish, in dark gunmetal grey. The eyes and horns are a rich but low-key flecked gold. The arms and accessories, as in the original SOC, match the finish of the body perfectly. I can't describe the Scrandler because I'm in too much awe to touch it.

In the photo above, you can see the difference in luster and reflectivity in the surfaces of the two SOC. You can't, however, feel the rough quality of the actual toy. The pictures don't begin to reveal how cool this thing looked as I was unwrapping in from it's styro coffin.

Enough of my blathering. Check out the pics...


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