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10.07.98: Takara Geeg [reissue]

Wow. Takara has done us all a good deed, and I for one am sending in mail. The reissue Geeg may have perceptible differences to the original toy, but I doubt anyone will be complaining.

I was concerned that for liability reasons Takara would fail to ship a truly satisfying gut-missle launcher. It was the first thing I tested, and it's as dangerous as the original. The cones aren't as pointy as some of the early Geegs I've handled, but, again, it's a killer piece. Also: the packaging is just excellent, as is the insert sheet, and the extra accessories.

Between 1997-1998, MIB Geegs were listed starting at $600. This reissue is selling for a tenth of that. If reissues like this continue, the market will crash, screwing everyone who's speculating in Japanese toys. I'll be the first to throw a party, because those of us who obsess and love the toys over the profit will be packing their shelves: enough to play with, and enough to preserve...

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