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November 19, 2009

Incubot Day 1

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So I’ve been dicking around with the incubot mark, incorporation papers, and ecommerce nonsense for about a month now, on the edge of my seat waiting for products to show up. Everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — was late. I had expected USB drives, prototypes from Gargamel, boxes and all other sort of nonsense to show up by my birthday in October. You want to talk about disappointment? about not getting what you wanted? Try shorting yourself 500 robots of various sizes and configurations. Sucks.

Luckily, a ton of crap came in just before the Morphy’s auction last week. I think it was better this way. I’d had the Garga-neko in my hands for only 20 hours before I got to share it with the crue from TBDX. Which of course made it way better than just hiding under the sheets with it on my own. So thank you everyone for helping to rock the debut.

Last night, after all this muddling around and stressing about minutiae and bullshit (paint masks, financial modeling, fulfillment, price point) I just said screw it and launched the domain. I figured too many pics were going out, and the crystal lite version of the sofubi was kind of looking at me and saying “WTF are you waiting for?”

After I flipped the switch here, lo — tons of traffic almost instantaneously. In the last 20 hours, an awesome number of preorders on the Sofubi have come in. I am blown away, grateful and psyched.

Much thanks to Hillsy, who leapt to Add Cart buttons almost instantly, and who put up a Facebook page nigh-instantly. Roger and Sjoen jumped in and started spreading the word on skullbrain and other places. Matt has been working behind the scenes to move the japan end of things. And Sanjeev has been giving me remedial lessons in sofubi funk.

There are a shit load of people who have been involved with test marketing, and advice too: Nekrodave, Mason, and too many others to thank.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate every person who’s thrown down for a Nekodrive or done a preorder. I never thought I would enter into any kind of endeavor feeling doubt; I’m just too stupid and obsessive to usually care. But based on the capital outlay for all of these projects, I’ve definitely been considering whether or not I’m sane. I still don’t actually know if I’m fucked in the head or not, but I appreciate everyone else who’s got the same dents in the brain that I do.

So thank you.

This is now going to be the incubot ramble, since I have something to say again. And this was incubot: day 1.

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