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November 22, 2009

nekosaur sofubi preorders hit 60 in 36 hours

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Awesome response! We had originally planned for no more than 50 units in the Crystal run, but thanks to the amazing word of mouth in the first few days, it seems like we’re going to blow through that number easily. We’re increasing the run to accommodate some last minute interest, and extending the pre-order window till Thanksgiving. If you were thinking about snagging one of these, now would be the time to mention it.

After that, it’s on to, er, “colorways” and the ass-kicking paint masks we have planned. In keeping with the incubot philosophy / idiocy, once something’s made that’ll be it. No turning back.

Color Concept: Ich Bin Ein Nekosaur

Thank again for all the positive feedback, and for everyone who’s throwing down to support this ridiculous endeavor. I cannot wait to to get these into people’s hands. They’re totally sexy, and everything I could have hoped for. Thank you Ikeda!