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February 1, 2004

Godphoenix Trifecta

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Gatchaman Godphoenix

It’s superbowl sunday i crawl out of bed like it’s christmas. watching the patriots this year isn’t like two years ago when they snuck into St. Louis and disembowled the Man. this year it’s about human rigor, focus, discipline, team, fun. you can be singleminded and have fun. it’s completely about lowering your shoulder, staying calm and pushing through. surrounding yourself with good humans becomes so important. oh yeah – and money doesn’t hurt either.

* * *

Gatchaman Godphoenix

here in the lab, these are the things from which i am finally free:

– fucking information archictecture
– spelling or typing correctly
– focus, mission, opinion preconception
on blah blah what a japanese toy website should do etc.

comfortable. we can practice doodling circles or looping loops which is really what we need right now. you have to shut the voices out of your head sometimes and let things go where they will go. about a million people will be telling you that you’re wrong. but that’s nothing new.

* * *

the funk the funk the funk. i suppose i should record for my great grandmonkeys that their ancestor did in fact complete the gatchaman godphoenix trifecta. Not talking about season 1 through 3 with the gatchaspartan “george lucas special” or the flaming chicken plane (fucking pimer.)

i mean the real trifecta.


Jumbo Grip diecast Godphoenix

these are the three that matter, and don’t let anyone else tell you differently. and now that after 6 years of digging i’ve finally got them all on the same slab of glass, i can tell you that popy really fucked up the grip design.

popy really fucked up the grip design

it’s a rare thing that the Man of diecast did us wrong at least in the golden age. But look at the beautiful detail on the back of this Grip piece:

take that bad boy g1 and slot it in. yeah. that’s what I’m talking about! now look at the popification [below right]. a gigantic clunky box ontop where you lay the g1. god, that’s so stupid.

so Tim Brisko I ain’t.

before the god of puberty swooped in and alterred my biological needs, docking the g1 and/or landing the hober binder were the only skills i apsired to in life. the alpha need to activate the machine: it consumes you. without it, it’s like an essential part of the play pattern has been gipped.

from a dubanish academic pov it’s quite cool to see that the expensive part – i.e. diecasting – produced identical zinc bodies and wheel fittings. you wish you could dial back time and track the corporate approval trail that led to the reissuing. did they pump new popies out using old molds? or — and the mind reels at this — were there just boxes of these bodies lying around unpainted in stacks? and did they just have to, like, come up with something to do with them?

the uni-five kind of kills the need for anyone to try this ever again, so i can quietly worship this in peace. it’s amazing and sucky and…well, godlike at the same time.

and this is why we do what we do.

* * *