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December 27, 2000


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We Drive West

Alt visits town, so we must travel. From the heart of Porter to the Littleton line, we shoot up the dark winding tendrils of Route 2. 26 miles out on a steep hill slick with ice, we hang a left, pulling up to the backside of a looming mill.

In the flood-lit lot, a small wood ramp leads up the stairs to the massive hanger doors that announce Gerry Bunker’s ROBOZONE!

Gerry is the gracious host. He takes time out of his hectic holiday packing to give us the tour. He is embarrassed about the cluttered state of his space, but my room has never looked this clean. I will let pictures speak for themselves.

Haul Enumerated:

I am old and feeble, but try out some of the contemporary purchases these young Rumble turks indulge in.

The Miracle House Shin Getta Robo: that’s just a fine piece of metal, destined for immortality. It’s inspiring that a company’s first diecast so easily goes to the mat with Bandai’s SOC line. And look: no annoying “assemble this yourself because its cheaper for us if you do” mechanisms. [My only gripe with SOCs. For $150, I’d like it cooked please.]

Then some toy-crack: this bizarre Marmit diecast Getta One, which I eventually try to pawn off on Josh Fraser. He is too clever to accept. Heavy, and a far cry from the pathetic days of Shogun 3-inchers. I can’t make up my mind about Getta One without Two and Three. Which is exactly what Popy always had in mind.

Now let me say that this Le reve Mazinger has something going for it. I can’t put my finger on it, but the rubbery sculpt and good proportioning are kind of charming. And I love the articulating Hover Pilder. Then again, maybe I’m getting soft in my dotage.


On the way out, one final acquisition: I used to keep a 4-cell Maglight under my bed to greet unwanted visitors with. I’m pleased to be upgrading it for something heavier, namely, the 1/850 Nomura Space Cruiser Yamato!

I’ve been admiring this toy for about 20 years, having lost my first opportunity to own one. Feature-fixated Popinica phreaks will no-doubt argue the superior capabilities of the Popy DX Yamato. “Listen Mister — I owned Popy Yamato; Popy Yamato was a good friend of mine. You’re no Popy Yamato.” I choose the metal.


It’s an inspiring thing, to confront a massive gathering of power objects under one roof. Our etarnal gratitude to Gerry for his hospitality and his warm treatment of our staff. Thanks!

Finally, you may have read the Rumble about the recent break-in at Gerry’s. Take a moment to visit his site and send him your positives thoughts.

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