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"Japan-Boy" Alt presents:
CHOGOKIN SUMMIT II: Electric Boogaloo.
Groovy Pictchas by Professor Big Science
"The second of the not-so-legendary CHOGOKIN SUMMITS took place in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on September 11th, attended by a veritable 'who's who' of TBDX readers (all ten of them), and a totally C-10 time was had by all.

"Taking place initally at an empty conference Tom Vigneau's cable-television studio and thence at his Microman-crammed domicile, a juicy swap-fest took place the likes of which I've never seen before. I was lucky enough to get a ride down in design-boy Alen Yen's Volkswagen Popinika GL, although I had to ride in the trunk 'cause he'd filled the seats with diecast and a snoozing Big Science.

"For other primary sources, chek out Ted Terranova's scathing photo-expose. And get your gear together for the spectacular CHOGOKIN SUMMIT III, date and location TBA, ASAP on TBDX!" -- Matt

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