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  September 30, 2002

Sometime last year....

So there I am one fine Saturday afternoon, sucking down a Starbuck's Cafe Americano and flipping through Dengeki Model and Hobby magazine. I sail through all the blasť Gundam plamodel junk and get right to the good stuff, the 'Soul of Iron' section. For those of you named Linus, still living in your parent's basement watching Martian Successor Nadesico in your underwear, its the section of the mag with all the prototype shots of the up and coming gokin. But, I digress. Inside there is a shot of the latest Unifive offering, The Cho-shin Gokin Astro Boy. I am about to flip right past when I spy something that looks reminiscent of a tin toy, only with modern gokin proportions...

It is freakin' beautiful. I can't stop looking at the damn picture. I really, really want this little piece of gokin. Smooth lines, a nice patina reminiscent of tin toys, loaded with light up eyes, spring loaded rocket flames, this thing has everything an Astro Boy fan could want. I pull a suave move and force my wife to look at this incarnation of 'The Mighty Atom'. My wife likes my toys, but she would never buy 99% of what I have. She looks at the shot and tells me that I have to get it. I am pumped, not only do I want it, I have backup.

We get home, I cruise to the barka lounger in front of the computer and hit my email. Where is that list of stuff Masato just sent out? Low and behold, its there and available for pre-order. I type him a quick note, and wait. Masato, the gentleman he is, returns my note very promptly only to inform me that he can't get them anymore, they are the much dreaded
"S H O P - E X C L U S I V E"


This means I have to resort to other tactics...namely begging on the BBS. Nothing, nada, zilch. Even ebay doesn't pop one up. I feel screwed. Then a friendly BBS patron writes that he has spotted them! Sweet! I write him a note asking him if he'll grab me one. He tries to dissuade me..."they are SO overpriced". I say screw it, I want one and I'll pay. A couple of days pass, then finally a note from the friend abroad... and? The shop that had them, all sold out.


I give up. I bookmark Unifive and all its permutations on ebay and patiently check it everyday. Nothing, nada, zilch.

Then about a week ago, out the blue, a little birdy drops me a line..."hey man, want one of these?

I'm golden!


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