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  July 09, 2002

Hot New Piece of Isis
Sean Bonner

A few years back I sold my soul to Satan in exchange for the promise that Jumbos would be back in production within my lifetime. Well I better start getting some thank you notes from you Machinder lovin' folks because these mofos are back.

The first one hit us out of the blue, this one, we knew was coming just had no idea when. I got tipped off the other day that a store in LA had a few in early. I was on my way there when I got another tip that Survival Research Labs were doing a secret performance downtown. I instantly forgot about toys and soaked up the REAL giant robots smashing shit and blowing crap up. The next day however, it was all about getting me some ISIS.

So, I got it. And yes, it's everything it's cracked up to be. Kids, the days of sleek perfectly symmetrical simplistic robots are over. It sucks, but no time to wallow because there's new pretty colors begging for our attention. OK, on with the good stuff: Size... according to my completely inaccurate measurements, he's 23" tall and 35" wide, which gives him the biggest wingspan of a jumbo yet. Materials... just like the last one, the body is hard plastic, wings, arms and legs are blow molded PET (polyethylene), and the head is soft vinyl. This one also came with an attachable handle that will never see the light of day in my house. One weird thing is it looks like he's got a serial number on his 'Isis', mine's 52502. If anyone out there can check to see if theirs is different, that could be a really weird and totally useless find.

Oh yeah, and the $42 bucks this bad boy cost really broke the bank. If you like jumbos, there's no excuse not to get this thing.


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