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December 18, 2004

Italian Crappe!

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“Understand: this is not good. Nothing about this is good. It is plastic. The plastic is not good. It says Popy — which would normally be good — but this is a lie…

“Yes, Multi Robot is vintage bootlegging at its finest. Some bizarre Italian-Chinese connection cooked Multi Robot up in a back-alley factory like a prohibition-era bathtub gin distillery. Did their dastardly aim of foisting a vaguely Japanese-looking robot off on an unsuspecting childhood populace actually work? The answer remains unknown…”

“It feels so wrong — yet something about Multi Robot is right. The odd juxtaposition of English, Italian, and Japanese on the box is great. The use of a Star Wars -esque motif on the box is great, too. As is the instruction manual, with its pictures of Multi Robot posed like a contortionist bondage model, the desperation of the photographer attempting to wrangle some “play value” out of the toy almost palpable.

“I purchased this toy at an antique toy store in Maryland in 1999 from the bottom of a pile of far more worthy contenders. That it took me close to five years to bring myself to write about it is proof enough of its inherent suckiness. But something about the execution of the whole deal, the semi-deluxe packaging, the bright colors pulls me back to it every time. It may never have a place on my shelf, but it will always have one in my heart. Entusiamanti!”

— Matta Alta

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