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March 19, 2001

NY Action: Image Anime

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High Noon on West 57th. Steph and I crawl out of bed for crepes and coffee, then slide over to Lincoln Center. I drop her off backstage and she hits the pit, piccolo slung like a Glock, ready to machine the high-notes of Rossini’s La Cenerentola [that’s Cinderella, Disney-boy.] 4 hours later, my head’s chock-full-o’ culture, and I’m ripe for a hunt.

Back in the sun: the white-hairs bundle their furs and head towards German luxury autos. We push out onto 66th, popping
into a cab to shoot down to East 30th; time for my long anticipated, virgin tour of Image Anime

On a quiet strip shot with Chinese-signs and loading docks, the narrow storefront glows, a garish cube of anime-cuteness spilling out into the dark. It’s close to closing. We pile in, and I’m immediately impressed by the Valkyrie/Robotech cases, well-arranged SOC display, and dizzying stack of model kits.

Actually, I’m lying. I hate looking at model kits, and the tease-me-don’t-please me Valkyrie vault is infuriating: nothing’s
for sale. There’s a nice chunk of Hobby Project goodies, and the Microman wall inspires, but the only thing
that actually catches my eye (and I apologize for my lowbrow taste) is the terrible and homely 4″ diecast Clover Gundam.

I converse with the pleasant guy manning the counter. We get into a formal analysis of the SOC Grandizer and I ask prices. The Clover Gundam — this tawdry, shoddy, apathetically molded abortion of a toy — is unyeildingly priced at $80. I ask if there’s room to move, and a familiar Hong-Kong-style iron-gate of non-negotiation comes crashing down. Totally turned off, I settle for a photo op and a surprise gem: Banpresto Action Gokin Ryger!

Action-Gokin outer box and blister-pack are awesome. The gokin parts are beautifully molded and painted.

BP’s inablity to avoid shitty elastic vinyl, however, is tragic. The rubbery arms and accessories conjure subconscious visions of toilet gaskets.

Luckily, tho’, BP nails Ryger’s Danny Tario/post-Travolta stance. This guy is ALL panache on the dance floor.

I close the door on another dissapointing hunt in New York. Time for an emergency Cambridge metal run…

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