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March 1, 2000

Freed at Last! Soul of Chogokin Grandizer

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Two years as a black bag consultant make me soft: driving a company wears me down, and I’m forced to cope. The quicker fix: a constant intake of sake. The holistic solution: riding the Redline to Harvard to walk an extra mile and a half home.

Through no fault of my own, the midpoint of this route passes the front stoop of Day-Old Antiques.

While the constant fog of hot alcohol has improved my concentration, the nightly revisits to the store have reconciled me to my faith. Today, I bring home a piece of the new testament: Soul of Chogokin UFO Robo Grandizer.

I’m eating a crow pie, filled with Ramble. All recent digs against Bandai are renounced. This may the finest quality toy I’ve ever had the honor to unwrap. I’m such a freak that I minimize the “wear” I have to apply to the Japanese scotch tape binding the tray.

Preliminary raves describing the baroque ornamentation and excessive armament are correct.

The jet-glider alone has a classic Popinica aura; its magnetic locking mechanism primly folds into a double-doored cavity. The scale and quality of the figure itself is tight: rattles less than the keyboard I’m typing on, and (almost) makes me forgive the cruddiness of the GA09R. The spring-loaded knees collapse with a push, and pop out with a (pulse-quickening) tug. The fist attachments and halberds are dead-on. Everything else intimidates me too much to desprue. And while my personal philosophy normally demands that I “play” with it, I’m going to refrain from assembling and using the precious Spacer. At least until I get another one.

In the presence of such mind-numbing physical perfection I have nothing intelligent or articulate to say. I’m going to wipe the drool off my chin and go rearrange the entire shelf…

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