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February 12, 2000

Alt and Duban Raid The Ark!

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Okay: it’s been so super busy that the Ramble don’t flow the way it used to. Nevertheless, it’s easy to gush over the latest Data Files entry by the Lennon/McCartney of Japanese Toy Scholarship, Matt Alt and Robert Duban.

Ark’s insane lineup of monster diecasts has too long fallen by the wayside. Any line featuring deadly nipple blades deserves the spotlight…

On other fronts, YAPPY ROCKS! Cafe Regular Agent Yappy has sent along pics of the soon to be complete Chogokin Aphrodite A. Along with her debut is the appending appearance of more female-robot diecasts, courtesy of our bootlegging cousins in HK.

On to the news…

Here’s more classic Alt with a Massive News Flood

“According to TBDX Agent Yappy, top-secret sources approached him with photographs of an upcoming Hong Kong diecast APHRODITE A! In fact, this hot little number will be but the first in a ‘ladies of Mazinger’ series, with

Venus, Minerva, and Diana robots to follow shortly thereafter. Although we can’t float the pics just yet, take a look at the packaging and drool!

“No word as to the actual release date yet, but it should be sometime this summer. Unless Bandai nails them first, that is — these seem to be unlicensed. Your SOC Mazinger might finally has some friends to play with, but he’d better be careful — we don’t know where these ladies have been.”

Like the majority of people who have a life, you probably have no idea what Machine-saurer even is. Fans of Magnemo toys, however, should be cracking open their 40s in unison for a drunken celebration: one of the silliest magnet-powered series Takara ever did is poised for a comeback!

“The Machine-saurer figures are cyber-dinosaur things with magnemo 11 joints and detachable weapons. Looking something like a cross between the T-Rex from “Toy Story” and The Terminator, they were never particularly popular the first time around in the early ’80s — and they seem like an utterly insane choice for a reissue. But Takara released tiny, grainy shots of their prototype for the January issue of Figure-Oh magazine.

“There’s still no word as to if the mildly popular magnemo ‘Death Cross‘ and other humanoid magnemo 11 characters from the series will see the light of day, but one thing’s for certain: the molds are long gone, so Takara’s going the ol’ cast-an-original-and-call-it-a-reissue route, just as they did with Jeeg. And the dinosaurs are first, it seems.

“There’s still no firm release date or price set, so Machine-saurer fans (all three of you) should sit tight for more info…..

“Shout-out to Masato Shono for the shot.”

“Meanwhile: good news for all you chumps who still haven’t gotten around to picking up the stoopidly cheap BanprestoHot-Blooded Go-Kin‘ super deformed robot diecasts: they’re releasing a ten-piece set so’s you can get ’em all in one fell swoop. (And for those of you geeky enough to realize they’ve only released NINE of those suckers, you’re absolutely right: a special deformed RX-78 Gundam diecast is getting tossed in as well.) No word on price, but it’ll be out at the end of February.

“Bad news for all you chumps who follow the Marmit Fierce Legends series (like me): Marmit announced late last month that they’re putting the line of huge soft-vinyl robots on temporary hiatus after the upcoming releases of Shin Getta Robo, Getta III, and Brave Raideen. (Shin Getta should be out in a few months; look for the other two this summer.) Marmit’s worried that the sheer size of the figures is limiting the number of pieces that any given collector can accrue; perhaps if they stopped releasing ludicrous color variations (such as the upcoming ‘limited edition’ transparent-yellow Getta Dragon), that wouldn’t be so much of a problem. At any rate, Marmit says that they’ll make their final decision about the series after Raideen is released.

“And from the ‘nostalgia is alive and well’ department, Dynamic Pro announced that their broadcast of ‘Mazinger Z vs. Great Mazinger‘ on TV in France last Christmas garnered a whopping 35% viewer share — and it didn’t start until nearly midnight, meaning that most of those viewers were adults. Aw-right. It’s comforting to know that we’re not the only ones suffering from an unhealthy, financially debilitating lust for giant robots. ”

“Check it: Bandai’s first Soul Of Popinika, the Hover Pilder! The original was plenty cool. This one’s fricking amazing! It’s even got a jointed action figure of Kabuto Koji as well. Just watch out for those fly-ass stockings of
“After a few beers, you can bet I’ll be trying to cram the sucker in the head of my Uni-Five Mazinger Z Jumbo. (The old Popy version fits. Sort of. Heh-heh. Sorry about that, Alen.) Look for it in March for 5,000 yen retail.

“Finally: Hot damn! I’m not a huge fan of model kits, but the new oh-so-Perfect Grade
series is enough to entice even the most jaded diecast-snob into styrene-gasm after styrene-gasm. (If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so and missed hearing about these, they’re huge-ass, super-detailed, and have assembly instuction manuals thicker than the Bible. And they don’t need no paintin’, neither.) Check out the upcoming Zeta Gundam and drool! 16,000 big ones (yen), available sometime this summer, hopefully.”
— Matt

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