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December 20, 1999

Change is Good!

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The more Tark I get, the happier I am! The happier I get, the less interested I am in my current #1 peeve, the plastic-factory known as BANDAI.

Their Microsoft-like permeation of robotica is starting to make me ill. If the death machine were turning out good stuff, who could complain? But I have to kvetch: aside from the Sole of Chogokins, it’s a skimp offering. More on this rant later. [All peeves aside, thanks to collector Gordon for helping me double my stable with the totally rad Cherry Tark! If there’s a green one, I’m going to faint.]

Meanwhile, I’ve recently accepted the position of President at the Interactive Factory, an awesome Boston digital media design house. Suffice to say, I’m trying to bring home the bacon for my lil’ DX!

As I’ve been adjusting my schedule, edits and emails have died on the table. Luckily for me, ToyboxDX commandos have picked up the ball.

Welcome aboard Marc Raley and Roger Harkavy in their new official roles of Webmaster and BBS Keeper respectively. Rounding out the team are Dataman Robert Duban and Matt Alt who continue to flood the Data Files with cool stuff, and who’re cooking more up as you sleep.
So it’s with some pleasure that I announce the formal shattering of our current most irksome structural bottleneck: me! Stay tuned this week for more major developments…

[ABOVE: Another recent acquisition, the totally groovy GRIP Jumbo Superman diecast. Check out the awesome 1970’s DC Comics-style box. Talk about cross-cultural!]

Info Minister Matt Alt covers The Kong Tong Riots!

Kong Tong Town is going DOWN! As you have undoubtedly already heard, Kong Tong Town, the main distributor of much of Uni-Five’s reissue toy series, is going out of business on December 26th. As such, they’ve instituted a half-price-off everything sale in the store, and the result has been near complete and total pandemonium.

“According to one observer on the scene, KTT’s credit-card system went on the fritz, forcing peeved and Jumbo-crazed consumers to go on the hunt for cash-machines in the sparsely populated wilds of Chiba City. Riot police have been called and the scene is looking grim. Just kidding. These are unarmed otaku we’re talking about here, and fortunately Jumbo Machines aren’t heavy enough to shatter glass or hurl at police officers.”

“Meanwhile, DEBASEMENT!
“Chogo-fans have probably heard: Bandai’s going to release a Soul of Chogokin base! Although this had been tossed about as a possibility in the past, it looks like it’s finally come to pass. 4,800 yen buys you a little box-sized hangar that not only stores all of Mazinger or Great Mazinger’s weapons, but also raises them through a cheezy plastic ‘pool of water’ at the flick of a battery-powered switch. Yummy! Look for it sometime early next year. My only prayer is that a giant ramp for Grandizer’s Spacer is next…”
— Matt

Rafael with the Convertor Spy Cassette Man

“I just want to share with the people of toy Ramble, this original japanese robot from 1984. It is called CONVERTOR NEW SPY CASSETTE MAN and it is plastic and die cast. It was made in Japan by MARK.

“I bought it mint in box, but I opened it to put in my exhibit in my room. A cool ‘Old School’ toy.” — Rafael

Vinyl-boy Harkavy with Ramble from November on the Chiller Convention!

Subj:	 RAMBLE: Chiller.
Date: 11/1/99 10:53:44 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: mogomra@yahoo.com (Roger Harkavy)
To: alenyendx@aol.com

“Ah, Halloween. The only holiday that ever meant anything to me. If I only knew that the

Chiller Theatre convention was being held right in my back yard every October, I’d probably be living in a spacious cardboard box lined with vinyl monster toys.

“Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) this past weekend I only had a couple of hours to spend there. Within minutes of arriving I successfully hooked up with Trans-Baron Alex, but despite searching high and low we could not spy the U.N. Spacy jacket of Matt Alt.

“Some highlights:
– Meeting the good folks at M-1 and seeing their work in progress: another retro-style version of The Big G! Unfortunately, they didn’t allow us to take pictures.

– Seeing the humongous “pile o’ vinyl” at Club Daikaiju’s table. THAT we got a great picture of.

– Catching up with Mike G. from Outer Limits and asking him to call Matt Alt a ‘bitch-ass trick’ when he saw him. He happily complied.

“The rest of our time was spent in the bar, downing overpriced drinks and undercooked quesadillas, and ogling girls clad in outfits reserved only for horror conventions and Coop’s paintings. Was it fun? Definitely. I’ll be there again next year.

“And here it is, in all of its glory: the brand-new Godzilla 2000 vinyl, undoubtedly the hottest item at the show. Get yours today!” — Roger

Mike’s first Ramble on the XX Stealth Voltron

“Well Alen I have finally gone over to the dark side. I picked up the new Stealth Voltron, the real surprise to this thing is it’s HM size, just about floored my when I saw it on the shelf. It’s only like 3 inches shorter than my real JM Voltron the one from the 80’s, and it’s loaded with gadgets.

“Light up eyes, dual built in missile launchers on all the lions, and additional snap on missile launchers for the lions, and it even has little tiny caltrop like bombs to drop out the red and green lions, a guaranteed take away by concerned parents. And big bombs for the legs, plus the usual sword and shield. Anybody else see a pattern coming from Trendmasters, first the ultimate iron giant and now this ‘Extra Large Stealth Voltron?’
“Note the ‘Extra large.’ If Trendmasters follows thier practice with the classic lions, there may be multiple sizes of this toy. Could Trendmasters be trying to start to make thier own JM typed toys in the US? HMMMMMMM…”
— Mike

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