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Hey kids, announcing the arrival of our Japan Tsunami and Earthquake release series.


With our partners, we're releasing a limited run of all-white incubot drives styled after the japanese flag, including a fully licensed all-white Voltron. The prices are cratered to be afforable as a two-pack, and 100% of profits go to relief efforts.

I know the disaster isn't "news" anymore, but the need for help goes on, and for those of us who feed daily on Japanese robots and culture, hopefully we've made something you'll want throw down on to help give back.

Thanks for looking!

josh fraser (Moderator)
Beautiful design Alen, and for a great cause.
Wow those colors! Good effort sir!
And, I love prices that are "cratered"! In for both of course.

And can it be assumed that these will be available at the next Summit?

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Hi Jon, anything I have in stock will be available at the summit, discounted, though these I'm hoping people will throw down full price for. If there's anything in particular you want, please shoot me a list and I'll put stuff aside. Later!

Shiroi Neko and Voltron are beautiful.

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