Nekosaurus Khorne Infernal

Posted by Prometheum5 

This guy was the result of a fit of inspiration and looking for an excuse to try some really technical work with my airbrush. I painted the inside with red pearl and then clear red, and painted the details from the outside. The burning hot markings and leaking power were finished tinted white lines applied with a razor sharp brush.


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Anonymous User (Moderator)
Dude, this is sick cool...
mcfitch (Admin)
Shit! How did I not comment on this yet? Awesome work Ben. Now I want to see a Tzeentch one.

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Sanjeev (Admin)
mcfitch Wrote:
> How did I not comment on this yet?

Mmm...lemme try:
Because you were probably planning on commenting on it in person...but then you underestimated the complexity of a calendar???
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